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Monday, December 20, 2010

17 tips how to increase your blog traffic !

This is something mandatory, if you do not have blogwalking, really hard you may get a visitor, another reason, if at a great, really great-great entry, is more luminous came uninvited. Create blogwalking as much as possible, Terjah blog your friends, have tried to identify them. Again best to know the name, it would seem more friendly, for sure your visit will be rewarded without the embarrassment of their shrink.

2.Entry / Post:
Create an entry or post as often as possible, in this way, your visitors will be faithful and loyal readers, they will often read the entry and respond, like the story they say, do not let your blog be in a mystery, in the post your entry, not necessarily for you to be a good writer, but quite simply there are always new entry in your blog. I am sure, must have people read your entry, In addition, after your entry is completed and published, ping your entry in any such website ping your entry on the website gengblogger and so forth. Spread your entry on facebook, twitter. I also believe that certain people will read your entry. and come to your blog.

If the above two things are already done well, the last way is to comment on the entry of other blogs, this thing might look like ordinary and unimportant, but it is very important, they will feel valued, because they believe their entry to read. And the reward is your entry will be read and responded to their comments.

4.About mailing address.
Address Belog should be extremely happy to be remembered and understood, but unique / catchy. And you also have to like call in order to promote your blog. If possible, use the word typical of people do not have to ask "Hey how do want to spell?". No matter if it was a childhood nickname or your name in the chatroom @ 15, but if it spelled trouble for, and remember, IT BECOMES VERY NOT SUITABLE FOR ADDRESS Belog. Example:



5. Title Belog great.
Title Belog be something that attracted the attention of people, for you radiate Belog Belog when in parallel with other in-Belog Belog a list. As I was heading Belog 'Hanis Zalikha. It is very annoying to those who do not know me to see my link in any. WHO Hanis ZALIKHA DOH NI LINK FROM ALL PEOPLE WANT HIM * click Belog Hanis Zalikha to find out more *. Ha is the kind of example, understand? Try, if I put The Diary Of My Life or My Lifez Dairy (dairy) or My Little Footsteps or Hanis's Own World / Mind, click there want? HONEST LAH Weh.

6. Title of entry threat
It's like not to be told again (common sense), but takpelah, told well. Entry title is, but most importantly, more and more now, blog list option displays accompanied by the entry title, then this is where your opportunity to highlight the greatness of your entries, starting with a great title. Did you know, just the entry title "Nabil Raja Lawak naked", my traffic increased to 15%?

7. Fill in the entry accordingly.
CONTENTS ENTRY Let commensurate with TITLE. DO GEDIK TITLE 14 TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL BLOGGER INTO YOU MAY tuh apparently overlooked PREVIOUS STORY THIS ARTICLE GO BUY NAK J. CO Donuts. Also model or topic Not Requiring a story apparently farmers sweat article. Tsk T_T

8. Things that should be avoided.
Avoid spelling out words with spellings such as market and CAKAB PUNYE MACHAM AND AND AND, OKAY DAH. Avoid spelling out the short form as well as I spelled sy, I spelled ak, you spelled you're, uh it takpe. Why should avoid? Because no one was looking for material on the Search Engine using the short form.Remember, the content-the content of your blog may arise if the search query words in your entry. For example, I want to search lyrics of songs I love you, will not want to type is "Ak lyrics Pdmu Love."

9.Lirik songs.
Opportunities to arise in the search for your blog is good when you put new songs.Remember the past, in blog lamaku (Hanis THERE FIRST BLOG?! Yes. When young once), My Heart lyrics were posted to watch the completion of the Heart story.Successful readers added, the two people (let's laugh). In addition to songs, other alternatives are cupcake recipes and guitar chords rock songs axes.

10. Extensive vocabulary.
It was this thought into why they are important. Remember: Search Engine.

11. About the picture.
It is very unfortunate if the picture is blur you want to park. This is a major turn off. Do not worry, I myself went through this phase when the Digital Camera is broken, and my cellphone is only 1.3 megapixel, wince Belog oath is pathetic.

12. About the image 2.
Human nature likes pretty things. So carilahbackground a beautiful picture for you. It seems, is not necessary to show that you are not white bed sheets are white. Find beautiful lighting and have the effort to look good on camera, no matter where you're pretty Goddess, if the picture probably does not fit the new face of waking up, bertahi dipampangkan points. You see the lazy and the actual motive of the picture, again?(Unless want to show the picture before after makeup / surgery / slimming, are exempt, but if you want to say good morning world teddy bear, or want to show the new boyfriend of one side of the park is ready, please avoid). But to the extent mengphotoshop skin, nose, eyebrows, is not quite over, and so honest.

13. Theme.
Belog theme is different to suit, but what is important (NON-COOPERATION, timeless, fed NIH THING YOU NOT know), do not hurt the eyes of the reader with the background color of neon-colored neon THAT ALSO. It is also common sense, but it is always nice but missed pandang.Simple, cliche but true.

14. Income (money, money, dollars) of the blog.
To generate income from the blog, please sign up with Nuffnang in www.nuffnang.com.my, and if you are encouraging traffic, you can start given the advertorial is a product reviews, and invited to the launch of products etc!

15. Carutan and a curse.
All people have their opinions, but how you convey the message to readers is important. As an advertiser, would you like to advertise your product on a blog full of negative things, curses, and carutan? Do not waste time with this material again, O pembacaku, open your mind and increase your revenue by Belog now! Advertisers are also rarely pay attention to the anonymous blogger, no matter how Famous you your blog is, please take note.

16. Psychological mindedness.
Prior to forget, it is very important that you analyze the minds of readers / internet users. For example, where you are more likely to click, www.hansisaac.com atauwww.hansisaac.blogspot.com? Words. "Blogspot", consciously or not, is a word that is very influential in the world of IT. Why? Again, human nature, love is to know about the lives of others. If '. Com' is usually the official website will only show a complete profile or online portfolio Hans Isaac, but when there is words blogspot, legally-valid written himself (first hand) experience of living / etc daily diary. When you see the word '. Blogspot.com', sure you want cekidaud. Right? Hey do not look fit to je Hans Isaac as an example, because it seems, is to JAP blogspot, definitely click well: B non kisahlah Okay, just want to discuss the influence of the word. Unless you already have steady traffic, may turn to '. Com. Thanks to www.haniszalikha.com AUTHOR, YOUR SERVICE IS VALUED:)

17. The variation of topics.
PEOPLE DO NOT EVEN MEMBORINGKAN friends OWN WITH THE SAME THING ONLY. REMEMBER VARIETY! VARIETY! VARIETY! Examples of topic / title: Article of interest in my favorite website, then tomorrow is: man of my dreams I would never be in real life (and then list them with pictures), two days after tomorrow: Surahs that can be practiced for its sehensem Prophet Joseph, God Willing. Such topics may be interesting to note diselangi your daily activities:)

As a conclusion ..

Suddenly i don't know why i really want to write in English for this entry.This entry was translated from both blogs. Below are their links.

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